Glow Tension (15g)

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 “Adding elasticity to cushion compact”

-       Achieving shining and elastic skin filled with glow that looks like it’s natural skin

-       The power of fourfold layers bearing elasticity essence


1.        Product info

①       Bouncy and shiny! Elastic skin with glow 

-       Adenosine from Glow Moist Tension Complex* provides elasticity and 5 kinds of Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen achieves gleaming and tight skin

-       Glow Moist Tension Complex (Glow + Moisture + Tension): The combination of 5 Hyaluronic Acid, Adenosine and Collagen that provides moisturizing base and helps create moist and elastic skin with Missha’s special moisture glow.

②       Smooth coverage that creates glow look

-       MICRO COVER POWDER with fine particles tightly cover skin flaws and create smooth and gleaming makeup look like my own.

③       Bright like reflector effect

-       Light-Fit-Formula that adheres to the skin tightly like magnet makes bright and lively skin for a long time as if you just put on makeup.

-       Pleasant makeup with gentle scent

-       Special frgarnce of GLOW_ME that contains blended Cananga Odorata Flower Oil, Orange Peel Oil, Bitter Orange Peel Oil and Citrus Reticulata Leaf Oil

-       Well-adhering puff with Glow Tension

-       Recognized puff by Glow Pick Beauty Consumers that makes the foundation adhere well with gloss that doesn’t get cakey with several application.

-       WINNER of Sponge & Puff from Glow Pick Consumer Beauty Awards of 2018 The First Half Year

④       30 hours of glow maintenance

-       It creates glossy and tight skin that lasts for 30 hours

-       61% increased glossiness right after applying

-       42% increased glossiness after 30 hours

-       There may be personal differences.

⑤       Strong makeup adherence

-       Proved to be 49% more well-attached compared to other compacts

-       Thinly applying formula that creates porcelain-like smooth skin

-       There may be personal differences.

2.        Check point

①       Safe ‘Air Mesh’ material

-       It uses 100% of Polyester that is often used for bedding for children.

②       Even sized ‘3D particles’

-       Regular hexagonal particles discharge content evenly and get applied on the skin smoothly without caking.

③       Dense structure with ‘fourfold layers’

-       Fourfold structure holds the content tight.

④       ‘DOME-shaped’ container

-       Specially designed container which brings the content to the middle promotes neat usage.
3.        How to use

-       Take an appropriate amount on the puff and gently dab along the skin texture.
4.        Tips

-       If the content doesn’t come out well while using, press the content harder with the puff.

-       Applying “Glow Skin Balm” before using “Glow Tension” makes the skin more gleaming and tight.
5.        Recommended to

①       People who want sleek and smooth skin as if it’s coated with glow.

②       People who want long-lasting base makeup that adheres to the skin well.

③       People who want strong coverage but don’t want heavy makeup, hence wanting light but well-covering product.

Size : 15g


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